Cathie's Kilimanjaro Climb for Cambs College!

Towards the end of January 2018, Cambs College volunteer, Cathie Stableford, will be flying out to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, raising money for our RDA Group in the process. Scaling the peak of the highest point in Africa will be no mean challenge: it towers 5,895m (19,341 feet) above sea level and will take Cathie and her team eight days to reach the top. We had a quick chat to find out how she's feeling about this mammoth challenge!

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Cathie (left) on a training climb
Who will you be trekking with along the way?
There are 4 of us walking and fundraising: Lenja, who is fundraising for Pinpoint; Franny, fundraising for the MPS Society; Chris, fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society; and me!

What gave you all the idea to climb Kilimanjaro?
It was originally my idea to climb Kili, inspired by a visit to South Africa where I stayed with some lovely friends, one of whom had climbed Mount Kili. I mentioned it to a few people on my return and it seems some of us had been having the same sort of thoughts that we wanted a challenge. Lenja has the most walking experience of all of us and is like a mountain goat! My father was a keen mountaineer and went on an expedition to the Himalayas in the 1950s. A book was written by the leader and many of my Father’s photos were used.  He would have been so proud of us for giving this a go and I guess he is my inspiration too (unfortunately he is no longer with us).

We are self funding so hadn’t originally thought to fundraise but as a few people asked, we thought we would so that people can donate if they want to, we have had a lovely response.

Why did you decide to raise money for Cambs College?
Cambs College RDA is a wonderful organisation which really benefits riders and their families, I am proud to be a small part of if and any money raised will help give a huge amount of pleasure to all involved in this amazing organisation, run by a very dedicated team of people.

What have been the highlights of your training?
We have had a year of highlights with training, including five of us in one room in a Peak District Youth Hostel and all pretending to be asleep but no one was, and beautiful walks in the Lake District and Peak District, including our first snow walk. We have enjoyed monthly walks, tea and cake together - the best one being a picnic that we shared in the grounds of Wimpole Hall in the warm autumn sunshine on my birthday.

What have been the hardest parts of your training?
The hardest walk was surviving 50mph winds and torrential rain in a challenging guided walk in North Wales and a couple of days before that, having to strip off in the car as we got so wet on our first attempt at Snowdon - a good way to learn to put waterproofs on before the rain gets too bad and get some gaiters!

How long will the trek take?
The trek takes 8 days - we are taking a longer route to try and get more used to the altitude. Before we return home, we are going to Zanzibar for 3 nights to chill.

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