Covid-19 restrictions

We have managed to resume our regular Thursday RDA classes at the College of West Anglia, but we are currently operating with restricted numbers of riders (two per lesson) in order to maintain social distancing in our gallery. Riders are currently on a fortnightly rota and absolutely loving being able to see a few friends, chat to the volunteers and, most importantly, bond with the horses again. 
We hope to continue with, and perhaps increase, this level in the near future, but we are just keeping an eye on the many changes to the government restrictions.

Eleanor at the Para Summer Festival

Eleanor Currington recently competed at the Para Summer Festival at Solihull where she won her section (Grade III silver) with a score of 71.4% - her best score so far in a para competition.  
Well done Eleanor! And well done Boysie (Drunkeen Boy), our wonderful RDA horse who has stepped up to the plate thanks to hard work from Eleanor and extra training from Trisha Polson.