About us

Cambs College RDA is a fun and friendly group which meets weekly to provide equestrian activities to young adults with disabilities in the Cambridge area. Founded in the late 1980s, the group is well-established at The College of West Anglia's Milton campus in north Cambridge.


Horses, riders and helpers celebrating success at the RDA East Region Show 2017


Who is it for? 

Most of our riders are aged between 16 and 30 and live in or near Cambridge. The RDA is suitable for people with all types of disabilities, including physical, sensory and learning disabilities, and many RDA riders have more than one type of disability. RDA coaches and volunteers are trained to help riders to have fun and progress whatever their disability, and various members of the group use specially adapted equipment to help them ride safely.

You don't need to have any previous experience with horses, and some people like to come and watch some sessions before sitting on a horse for the first time. All RDA groups have an upper weight limit which varies from group to group, as it is based upon the maximum weight a group's horses can carry. Our weight limit is 13 stone/82.5kg.

Riders hacking in Milton Country Park

What activities are on offer?

Our RDA group is very busy and, thanks to the experienced coaches, is able to offer lots of different activities, including:
  • Dressage
  • Showjumping
  • Countryside Challenge (handy pony/obstacle course)
  • Endurance (long distance) riding
  • Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback)
  • Showing
  • Group rides to music
  • Gymkhana games
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Creative writing
  • Horse care
Whilst RDA sessions are always good fun in themselves, we also work towards bigger achievements, including:
  • Regional competitions (dressage, showjumping, countryside challenge, group rides, horse care and arts and crafts) 
  • National competitions (all of the above plus vaulting, showing and creative writing)
  • Proficiency Awards (riding and horse care) 
  • Demonstrations at RDA events

 Other possible activities include:
  • Holidays specifically for RDA riders: some of these offer general riding activities whilst others are more specific, such as holidays focussed on carriage driving or side saddle riding. 
  • Riding lessons at the College of West Anglia using the RDA horses, including jumping, vaulting and side saddle lessons. 
  • Occasional hacks and sponsored fun rides across country (individual insurance may be required). 
  • Social and fundraising events.  
Claire riding Rolo in the Countryside Challenge Qualifier 2018


When and where do you ride? 


We ride every Thursday in school term time from 4-6pm (you can check those dates here). We meet at the College of West Anglia's Milton campus (see map below) and we ride in the Indoor Arena.


How much does it cost? 


Horses are expensive! However, the RDA group's activities are heavily subsidised, meaning that riding is affordable, whether you want to compete or just ride for the love of it. Costs vary from one activity to another but riding in the group is usually less expensive for disabled riders than having lessons at a regular riding school. For more details on costs, please contact us.

If you feel that you or your company can contribute to the cost of keeping horses (feed, livery, insurance, farrier, vet bills, clipping), of competing (entry fees, transport, petrol, stabling, even more food!) or general RDA equipment (mounting blocks, helmets, competition wear, volunteer training) then please do get in touch!
Emily steering Danny in an endurance ride

How can I get involved? 

To contact us, please use the form at the left side of each page of this website, or click here.
If you would like to join as a rider, please click here for more information.
If you would like to volunteer for Cambs College RDA, please click here.
If you would like to make a donation to Cambs College RDA, please click here.

Any other questions? 


If you have questions that haven't already been answered above or elsewhere on the site (see also the FAQ page) then please do get in touch.

A moment of levity at the RDA National Championships!