Cambs College RDA is a registered charity (Charity No: 1187740).

Our group is constantly needing to raise funds to cover the considerable costs of providing RDA activities. Our volunteers and riders work hard to help with fundraising, but we need your help as well. Please consider donating to our group to allow us to continue to provide such a valuable activity to disabled people. Riding enhances their lives through the physical, emotional, social and learning benefits that they gain from joining the lessons. 

Our costs include the purchase and upkeep of 5 horses. We are fortunate to be able to keep the horses at the College of West Anglia on full working livery, but we must still pay their insurance, buy their tack and rugs, and pay for extras such as physio treatment, vet visits and so on. We work on a tight budget, and all our helpers and coaches are volunteers, so any money you can donate will go directly towards the costs for our equine friends and towards special equipment needed to help our riders. Thank you.

Cambs College RDA would like to thank the following organisations for their donations to our group:
Andrew Turner Builders
Audrey Arts
Mick George
Newmarket Equine Hospital
The Sir Peter O'Sullevan Trust
Trinity College
Open Arch
Waterbeach Wives' Group