Cambs College RDA is a registered charity (Charity No: 1187740).

If you feel able to donate to Cambs College RDA then we would be very grateful! Here are some options for giving online:
  • click the 'Donate' button which can be found on the left hand side of each page
  • complete the form at the bottom of this page  
  • click here to be taken to our Campaign Page on the website of the Charities Aid Foundation

Alternatively, please get in touch!

There are considerable costs involved in providing RDA activities and looking after the horses. The Cambs College Group works hard to ensure that as few of these costs as possible have to be met by the riders, and benefits from the goodwill of other members of the equestrian community.

Despite a limited budget, each year the group provides:
  • Weekly riding in term time throughout the year in a well-lit indoor arena
  • Safe, healthy and happy horses to ride
  • Specialist equipment e.g. adapted tack
  • High quality coaching by trained volunteer instructors
  • Opportunities to test skills through proficiency awards
  • A small army of trained, knowledgeable and friendly volunteers for leading, sidewalking, mounting help and general heavy lifting!
  • Competitive opportunities from local competitions to the National Championships...
  • ...and huge amounts of fun!

As well as providing opportunities to riders, the RDA offers personal and professional development for volunteers: