Regional Qualifiers 2023

Sunday 21st May saw the RDA East Region Regional Championships take place at CWA Milton. Our group and others from around the East Region came together to compete for places at the National Championships in July – or just to have fun.

Cambs College RDA was represented by 12 of our regular riders, 5 independent riders and 14 volunteers. In addition the burger and cake stalls were manned by our people – many thanks to Seppe, and to Carly and her mum Michele, and to their helpers and all the cake-makers.

At the course walk Teddy made clear that the Countryside Challenge course was not for him, meaning that all our plans for who was riding which horse had to be quickly rearranged, while differing delays to the schedules of the two arenas meant that the order of riders and events sometimes had to be switched. Our chairman Gillian did some skilful juggling of horses and riders and everyone ended up in the right class, if not quite with the timing and horse that they had originally expected.

Our riders did brilliantly, with 7 of our regular riders and 3 of our independent riders qualifying to go to the National Championships at Hartpury, and some great performances that just missed qualifying against stiff competition.

Well done everyone and a big thank you to all the volunteers, local and regional, without whom none of this could happen.