Meet the horses

Our horses live at the College of West Anglia where they are also used in lessons for students. They have a varied workload, encompassing all kinds of ridden activities and taking part in lessons in stable management and equine anatomy and physiology.

Below, you can read about our current horses.

Cambs College RDA colonising Hartpury at the National Championships!


A firm favourite amongst all the riders, Boysie is willing, capable and kind-hearted, and is our most experienced RDA horse, having won numerous first prizes at the RDA National Champions, in Para dressage, and also winning the final of the RDA SEIB Search for a Star showing championships. He excels in both dressage and show jumping, and is undoubtedly our group’s best asset!

Boysie likes to try and eat anything he thinks might be edible, including the plastic flowers in the Countryside Challenge competition, and he’ll even have a go at rosettes and score sheets.

Rebecca and Boysie at the National Championships 2017


A chunky cob who joined our group two years ago, having recently arrived from Ireland. Having been a hacking horse, he didn’t initially see the point of trotting and cantering in an indoor arena, since there was nowhere to go! However, he’s now turned into quite a smart dressage cob, and also proving to be a steady jumper. He’s broad in the back, which makes our riders feel safe on him.

King with rider Ryan


Larry came to us from the Hyde Park riding school in London. He is a very gentle character and is kind to our riders, giving them confidence. A steady, reliable sort, he is always in demand.

Lucy riding Larry


A wonderful grey 15.3hh gelding who has been very kindly loaned to our group. A beautiful horse, who is a firm favourite with many of riders (and volunteers!). We are lucky to have him. He is reliable and kind.

Blue and Oliina

Maverick (AKA Mav)

A14.2hh Connemara type, was bought out of a field in Norfolk, but we knew his history and liked his easy-going nature. He has settled in brilliantly to doing RDA lessons, and is proving a hit with our smaller riders.

Mav with Harvey


Teddy is the most recent member of our equine team, and is already proving to be a reliable sort.  He came all the way from Somerset after a long search to find a suitable new horse, and we're hoping that thus cuddly, 9 year old, 15.1hh gelding will fit in well with our group.  Yet another coloured cob (they're obviously the best!), he has enormous feet, a steady trot and a comfortable canter.

William riding Teddy in a lesson

Former horses 

Danny was with us for a couple of years but has now been sold on to a lovely home, as he proved to be a little bit too keen for some of our riders…

In 2018, both Rolo and Bonnie were retired for an easier life. They both gave a huge amount to the RDA Group and are remembered very fondly.

Sadly, 2018 was also the year when Beethoven had to be put to sleep. He was a gift to the RDA Group from a very generous donor and was solid and reliable in all RDA activities.

These horses are all greatly missed.

Chloe and Bonnie at the East Region Show 2018

Lucy and Beethoven at the East Region Show 2018

Lizzie and Rolo in the RDA SEIB Showing Class at Hartpury 2017