Meet the horses

Our horses live at the College of West Anglia where they are also used in lessons for students. They have a varied workload, encompassing all kinds of ridden activities and taking part in lessons in stable management and equine anatomy and physiology.
Some of our riders own their own horse(s), which they can bring to the weekly sessions.

Below, you can read about our current horses.

We are urgently seeking new horses, and are working hard to find and raise funds for these horses. If you can help, please contact us.  

Cambs College RDA colonising Hartpury at the National Championships!


A firm favourite amongst all the riders, Boysie is willing, capable and kind-hearted. Despite being quite young, Boysie is already experienced competing at national level, having competed successfully in both dressage and showjumping in each of his first three years as an RDA horse. He has also done some vaulting in the past, including carrying the 2016 British Under-9 Walk Champion to victory! 

Boysie is a reliable and responsive ride, which makes him perfect for dressage, at which he excels. Over the last year, his dressage career has stepped up a gear and he has competed with great success at the Para Dressage Home International.

Boysie likes anything edible and will try to eat rosettes and scoresheets given half a chance. He has twice been placed in the RDA SEIB Search for a Star showing class at the RDA National Championships, including qualifying for the SEIB final. He has an endearing habit of turning round in moments of boredom to lick his rider's boots or stirrups, and a less endearing habit of grabbing them in his mouth. Despite this, he is a gentleman and fabulous for all riders, whether they're beginners or seasoned professionals!

Rebecca and Boysie at the National Championships 2017


Danny has been with the RDA for a couple of years. Like Boysie, Danny is a happy, forward-going and responsive horse with a very comfortable canter. He loves to jump but is just as happy doing whatever else may be asked of him in an RDA session. His lovely nature is demonstrated by his ability in the Countryside Challenge, a demanding event which asks for extreme obedience of the horse and skill of the rider. As a general rule, he doesn't seek to dispose of the edible decorations on the course, either!

Kodie and Danny at the East Region Show 2018


Larry is the latest horse to be used by the Group and is settling in very well. He is already proving reliable and steady in RDA sessions and we hope he will have a long and successful future with us.
Photo to come!

Former horses 

In 2018, both Rolo and Bonnie were retired for an easier life. They both gave a huge amount to the RDA Group and are remembered very fondly.

Sadly, 2018 was also the year when Beethoven had to be put to sleep. He was a gift to the RDA Group from a very generous donor and was solid and reliable in all RDA activities.

These horses are all greatly missed.

Chloe and Bonnie at the East Region Show 2018

Lucy and Beethoven at the East Region Show 2018

Lizzie and Rolo in the RDA SEIB Showing Class at Hartpury 2017